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The story of our Himalayan Rock Salts!

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Our Himalayan Rock Salts are handmade artisanal blends of rock salts with different infusions to give the salt a twist. What’s more, they are blended with the love and hard work of our partner MiraDi Farms, based in Uttarakhand. There is an interesting anecdote behind this. Let’s go back in time and retrace the story of our salts.

On our trips to meet farmers across the hill state of Uttarakhand, we relished the traditional food that they served us. What we particularly liked was the vast variety of infused rock salts they used as accompaniments in meals to enhance the taste. These salts were like magical potions that could make any dish delightful.  Whenever we tasted them, we knew that we had to find a way to make other people enjoy them.

It was on one of these visits that we finally initiated the process. We were at Mr. Ajay Rastogi’s farm in Ranikhet, a place where we had tried the infused rock salts for the first time. Ajay moved to the hills after an illustrious career in environment, agriculture and certification to live a life closer to nature. The salts we had were made by Miradi from the local village, who catered to Ajay’s yoga students’ refreshments and meals as well as was the caretaker of the farm. We interacted with her and came to know that she prepares the delicious salts by herself, as do other Pahadi (mountain) women of the region. We immediately decided to collaborate with her and Ajay and procure the delicious salts from them. Today we source three types of infused rock salts – Garlic, Lemon Rind and Bhangjeera.

MiraDi and Ajay Rastogi interacting with customers at Annamaya

Miradi told us that these salts are a legacy passed down from their ancestors who hand blended them to perfection. She herself has been eating and making them since childhood. The lemon rind rock salt is their (MiraDi and Ajay’s) innovation while the other two salts, garlic and bhangjeera, are traditional.

The making of salts: crushing and grinding the rock salt

Miradi resides in Beguna village near Ranikhet and loves the place with all her heart. She says it is as lovely as a place could be; there is no pollution and the people are hardworking although she hopes there were more livelihood opportunities there.  Her kids, Shreya and Sumit, are adorable and she wants them to be educated properly.

MiraDi with her daughter Shreya

It is an absolute bliss to be working with people like MiraDi who when given the right support and encouragement from mentors like Ajay are determined and hardworking and greet you with the widest smile whenever you meet them. Her salts, just like her, are pure and full of goodness!

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