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The Making of a Garhwali Thali: A photoblog

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IMG_9826Ingredients of the chutney: mint, coriander, black sesame, hill onions and tomatoes, salt, chilli powder, local masala mix

Making of the chutney on a traditional silbatta

IMG_9918The tangy chutney!

DSC_0160Ingredients for the preparation of aaloo ke gutke with jakhiya

IMG_9898Cutting the potatoes and mixing the masala and coriander leaves

DSC_0167The dish being cooked on a traditional chulha

DSC_0162The delicious aaloo ke gutke

Kneading of the madua flour

DSC_0140Finger millet (Ragi/Madua) flour is kneaded and ready!

Making of the rotis by hand on a traditional chulha

IMG_9870The women chatting while they cook

Meanwhile, the rajma is being prepared

IMG_9969Some chai (tea) to complete the meal!

DSC_0183The thalis being served loaded with delicious food

DSC_0195Yummy!!!! In thali: Cucumber salad, Pahadi parwal ki sabzi, Mint-coriander chutney, Barnyard millet  (Jhangora), Finger millet (Madua) roti [in clockwise direction]. In katori: Rajma, Raita, Aaloo gutke [from left to right]

The kitchen where the action was taking place!

IMG_9967Our team with the women who cooked the sumptuous meal for us!


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