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Winter is coming!

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The onset of winter and the decrease in temperature brings with it an increase in sickness, but there are ways to tackle it. This winter, build up your immunity and be prepared. Boost your health this season with our healthy products.  Go the traditional way and eat what your grandmoms always suggested during these chilly months, and brace your body for the cold.

Black Sesame Jaggery Bites are the best for the winter season. It makes a delicious snack while providing you with all the necessary nutrients. Made of black sesame seeds, which has been deemed as the perfect ingredient for winter, black sesame bites also contain jaggery and ghee which further make it best suited for the winter.

Rich in sesamin, sesamolin and omega-3 fatty acids, black sesame is good for the skin and heart health. It is also rich in calcium which strengthens the bones. Jaggery is processed in an iron karahi which makes it a rich source of iron.

In addition to all these, these’ til ka ladoo’s are delectable and mouthwatering. You cannot get enough of them.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? We have more in store!

Walnuts from Himachal Pradesh are the secret of the hills for combating the chilly winds.  Rich in omega 3 fats and minerals, walnuts enhance your immune system and are good for cognitive health, hair and skin.

Brew yourself a hot cup of Chamomile tea to taste the freshness and strengthen your immunity simultaneously.  Chamomile tea from the hills in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids; add some ginger to it and you are good to go.

Winters are traditionally accompanied with spicy dishes of Rajma and hence we bring the best variety to you, straight from Munsiari in Uttarakhand. Rajma is rich in proteins that aid in maintaining the integrity of the body tissues. Cooked with Gandrayani herb, it is the best combination to have on chilly winter afternoons.

Gandrayani herb has numerous medicinal properties. It aids in digesting pulses by counter-acting on the pulse protein inhibitors. Taken with honey, Gandrayani acts as a remedy for cough and congestion. Bring on the cold now!

Last but not the least, we have our seasonal product. Winter is when the best quality lemons are harvested in the hills. So we bring to you the Lemon Rind Himalayan Rock Salt. The vitamin C in lemon not only wards off cold and flu but also builds immunity and the minerals in rock salt and pepper aid digestion.

Stock up on all these products and you are all set for the winter season.  Backed by a strong immune system, enjoy the cold to the fullest.

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