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Anecdote of Apricots

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There is a story behind every dried apricot from Original Indian Table that lands on your plate, and finally finds its way to your stomach. Let us hear the anecdote of the apricot!

We claim that Original Indian Table’s dried apricots are the sweetest ever. This assertion that you would have not had sweeter apricots before is based on how and from where these apricots have been sourced.

Our dried apricots are directly sourced from Ladakh, abundant with wild growth of apricot trees. These are harvested and dried by the local farmers working with the Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG).


LEDeG is a non-governmental organization based at Leh. It works with and for the underprivileged people residing in structurally disadvantaged areas of Ladakh. LEDeG also aims to address the environmental and cultural issues that affect the people in the region.

Farmers in Ladakh were facing exploitation and were at a disadvantage due to marketing channels that were outdated. Consequently, LEDeG came into the picture and started working with groups and cooperatives of farmers to aggregate local fruits like apricots. Then they built a brand identity for them and helped the farmers to supply these apricots in larger quantities in order to get a better price for their produce.

The apricots, however, grow wildly in the areas of Ladakh. They are native to the place and according to LEDeG, they can be found randomly all across the villages, in areas where irrigation or any water source is available – on the periphery of crop fields, stream banks and open spaces.

The Original Indian Table dried apricots that you savour are harvested and dried within a period of 40 days between July and August, since the climatic conditions are harsh rest of the year.

As a result of these efforts, the dried apricots are rich in fibre and loaded with Vitamin A & C. And we can proudly say, they are as sweet as the fruits of heaven.

Now we know the tale testifying the taste of toothsome dried apricots of Original Indian Table!

You can buy Original Indian Table’s Dried Apricots here.

Photo credits: LEDeG

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